Business registration

Here you will find the forms that you or your business have to submit, both when providing services on a temporary or permanent basis.

Register as a Danish company

If you want to establish a Danish company in Denmark, you should use this application. The application requires you to have a Danish social security number (CPR) as well as the Danish Nem-ID.

Register changes in your company

If you want to notify changes in your company for instance a change of address or to register as an employer you should use this form. The form is only in Danish.
If you do not have a Danish Nem-ID, you can send the form to the Danish Business Authority's postal address, which you can find on the form.

Declare VAT and tax for your company

If you have to declare VAT, excise and customs duty, you have to use the Danish Tax Agency’s online service “TastSelvErhverv”. You also use this service as an employer for tax and social contributions under ‘eIndkomst’.
You need to have a password or the Danish Nem-Id in order to log on to the TastSelvErhverv.