Can I continue to import goods and services?

Yes, if you enter into a business deal, contract, sales agreement or the like regarding the import of goods or services, you are still able to receive those. Just like before the restrictions were imposed, you can either retrieve the product yourself or have it delivered. Similarly, with regards to services (e.g. repair work, construction work, counselling or the like) you can either cross the border to receive the service or the person providing the service (e.g. the construction worker) can enter Denmark in order to deliver the service.

However, you should be aware that if you cross the border to retrieve goods or receive services, other countries can have entry requirements in place which go beyond the requirements of the Danish authorities.

Required documentation

If you choose to have goods or services delivered to Denmark, the person delivering these must be able to provide documentation of your agreement in order to enter Denmark. Therefore, the person must be able to provide one of the following types of documentation upon request at the border:

  • Documentation of the business agreement in the form of an invoice, receipt, sales agreement or similar; or
  • a contract of employment which states that the person’s place of employment is in Denmark; or
  • documentation for social security (A1 form) which is issued by the authorities in the country of the employer/self-employed in relation to work in another EU/EEA country; or
  • receipt of registration in RUT (Register of Foreign Service Providers). The receipt must be forwarded from employer to employee.