Certified structural engineer

If you wish to work as a certified structural engineer on construction projects in Denmark, you must have a certification issued by an accredited certification body. The activities reserved for certified structural engineers are required to be a part of the process in getting a building permit an pertain to documentation or verification of the constructions structural condition according to the Building Regulations.  However, regular civil engineering such as working out the solutions on structural conditions, e.g. the building design and calculations, is not regulated in the certification scheme. You will have to apply for re-certification every 5th year.

Dancert offers this certification. The certification is personal and follows the certified structural engineer regardless of employment. The structure class for which an engineer can be certified, is an expression of the level of risk, to the users of the construction and complexity of the physical structure and methods of documentation of compliance with the Building Regulations.

You can read more about the rules concerning the pursuit of professional activity as a certified structural engineer in Executive Order 674 of 1.7.2019 on certification scheme for documentation relating to technical matters in the Building Regulations and in Executive Order 1615 of 12.1.2018 on the 2018 building regulations.

How to apply?

The accredited certification body, Dancert, has established procedures for the certification of persons seeking recognition. You can read more the procedures here.

You can apply for certification by submitting the application form, together with the documentation that verify your qualifications and competencies via Dancert’s website.

You can find the application form here.

If you apply for certification of structure class 3, 4, and third-party control, your application must come with project documentation.

Temporary or occasional pursuit

The same requirements will apply for both temporary and permanent service providers.

Requirements for non EU citizens and businesses

The same requirements apply as for EU citizens and businesses.


You can find information about the fee for applying via Dancert here.

The prices are exclusive VAT.

When can I expect an answer?

The accredited certification body evaluates the application material, and makes sure that all the necessary documents are submitted. Once the accredited certification body has received all the necessary documents, it will notify the applicant of the expected turnaround time. You can expect to get an answer within four weeks.

In case of rejection

If the accredited certification body decides to reject your application, you have the right to appeal.

You can find information about appeal in case of rejection here.

Who to contact for questions?

Questions regarding application or questions regarding the requirements can be directed to the certification organ that the applicant has applied to.

Please contact:

Dancert A/S
Gregersensvej 4
DK-2630 Taastrup
+45 7220 2160

Public registers and databases

The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority will publicize a list over certified structural engineer consultants in the future.

Legal basis in Danish law

Executive Order 647 of 1.7.2019 on certification scheme for documentation relating to technical matters in the Building Regulations

Executive Order 1615 of 12.1.2018 on the 2018 building regulations

Legal basis in EU directive(s) on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications

2005/36/EC, General system of the recognition – primary application – and Art. 7(4) - Prior check of qualifications