Check of professional qualifications

For the first provision of services, in the case of regulated professions that have public health or safety implications, the competent authority of the host Member State may check the professional qualifications of the service provider prior to the first provision of services.

Via the list below, you can find information about what professions this is regarding.

Regulated profession title Generic profession
Specialist in Community and Primary Health Care NursingNurse
Certified fire safety consultantFire prevention/protection officer
Certified structural engineerCivil engineer
Vermin controllerPest control /Disinfection/ Handling of poisonous or non poisonous products
Specialised Nurse in OncologyNurse
Specialised Nurse in Infection ControlNurse
Specialised Nurse in Intensive CareNurse
Specialised Nurse in anæstesiologyNurse
Specialised Nurse in PsychiatryNurse
Public Health NurseNurse
TrikinseekerFood inspector
Noise measurements and calculationsMeasurement and control technologist
Work with telescope loaderLoader
Social and Healthcare AssistantNursing Assistants and Health Care Assistants
Professional use of pesticides that are subject to approval and meant for protecting plants, destroying undesired plants or partFertiliser sample expert
Paramedic with special competencesParamedic /Ambulance nurse/ Other ambulance professionals
ParamedicParamedic /Ambulance nurse/ Other ambulance professionals
Incident Commander in the municipal fire brigadeFire officer
Team leader in the Emergency Service/Fire brigadeFire officer
Water service managerWater service manager
Well drillerWell sinker
Fire safety inspectorFire prevention/protection officer
Security guardSecurity guard / Warden
Steward at certain sports eventsSteward at certain sports events
Pest Control OfficerPest control /Disinfection/ Handling of poisonous or non poisonous products
Certified PyrotechnicianPyrotechnian / Manufacture and/or trade in pyrotechnical articles
Prosthetist and OrthotistProsthetist and orthotist / Orthopaedic technician /Surgical truss-maker
Rearing of certain types of animals (persons responsible for operating deer/ostrich/fox and wing games farms)Raising of livestock/poultry/rabbits/fur-bearing animals
Medical Laboratory TechnologistMedical/Biomedical laboratory technician
RadiographerRadiographer / Radiotherapist
Work with forklift truckFork lift truck operator
Work with refugiration plants and heat pumps on more than 2,5 kgAir conditioning technician/Heating/Central heating technician/installer/repairer/Maintenance-Installation of ventilation equipment
Work with welding and thermic cutting in metalWelder / steel worker
Work with scaffoldScaffolder
Work with tending of hot water and steam boilersAir conditioning technician/Heating/Central heating technician/installer/repairer/Maintenance-Installation of ventilation equipment
Work with lift inspection, maintenance and repair work etc.Lift maintenance /Lift contractor/Lift electrician
Work with asbestos removalAsbestos removal expert
Structural EngineerCivil engineer
Dental HygienistDental hygienist
Driving InstructorDriving instructor
OptometristOptometrist (ophthalmic optician)
Clinical DieticianDietician
ChiropodistChiropodist (podiatrist)
Occupational TherapistOccupational Therapist
PharmaconomistPharmaceutical technician/Pharmaceutical assistant
Clinical Dental TechnicianDental Technician