A chiropractor is trained to perform activities which include the following: work with analysis, diagnostics, treatment, assessment, documentation and quality assurance to develop, strengthen, maintain and restore optimal mobility for the patient in order to promote health and quality of life as well as prevent loss of function. Manipulation treatment of the body's peripheral joints, joint mobilization of the spine and the body's peripheral joints and soft tissue treatment.

If you wish to work as a chiropractor in Denmark, you must have an authorization issued by the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

How to apply?

If you wish to work on a temporary and occasional basis, you may apply to be registered as a service provider.

Temporary or occasional pursuit

The same requirements apply for both temporary and permanent service providers.

When you apply to be registered as a service provider, you do not fill in an application form but merely send a cover letter to let us know that you apply for registration as a temporary service provider along with the documentary evidence listed below.

There is no fee for registration as a service provider

Establishing a business

You can apply for Danish authorization, as a chiropractor here.

You must also send the following documentary evidence in the form of certified true copies by ordinary post:

  • Documentation of name, date of birth and nationality (e.g. a certified copy of the relevant page in your passport).
  • Name change certificate/marriage certificate, if any.
  • Curriculum vitae, listing your qualifications and work experience in chronological order.
  • Diploma/certificate.
  • Detailed transcript of the study programme from the educational institution containing the following information:
    • Admission requirements
    • Total length of the education
    • Theoretical education: subjects and lecture hours of each subject
    • Clinical education: subjects and duration indicated in hours
    • Clinical education: departments and number of weeks in each department
  • If deemed necessary, translations into English or Danish of diploma and transcript
  • Certificate of current professional status/certificate of good standing. The certificate must confirm that you are entitled to practice within your profession and that your license to practice has not been withdrawn. If the certificate is not in English, we will – if deemed necessary – send it to you so that you can ask a translator to translate the document. The relevant health authority must send the certificate directly to the Danish Patient Safety Authority. The certificate must have been issued no more than 3 months before the Danish Patient Safety Authority receives all the documentation. If you have not been registered with a license to practice, you must ask the competent health authority send a ”certificate of non-registration” to the effect that you have not been registered with a license to practice.
  • Supplementary documentation, if any, or any other information which in your opinion might be of importance to the assessment of your qualifications

Requirements for non EU citizens and businesses

Other requirements for non EU citizens apply. Please contact the Danish Patient Safety Authority for information or visit the following website.


The fee for Danish authorization/”tilladelse til selvstændigt virke” is DKK 1206.

The fee should be paid via the Danish Patient Safety Authoritys website using an electronic payment system. The following payment cards may be used: Dankort, VisaDankort, Visa, MasterCard and Eurocard.

When can I expect an answer?

The decision on whether or not to issue an authorisation will be made as soon as possible after all necessary documents have been received. Normally you can expect to get an answer from The Danish Patient Safety Authority within 4 months.

In case of rejection

If the Danish Patient Safety Authority decides to reject your application, you will receive a reasoned decision. If you disagree with the decision to refuse your application, you have the right to file a complaint.

Your complaint should be addressed to the Ministry of Health, Holbergsgade 6, 1027 Copenhagen K, You can also send your complaint with digital post or to

The Ministry of Health can decide on the legal basis of the decision and whether the administrative procedures have been correctly observed. However, the Ministry of Health cannot make a decision concerning the assessment of your professional qualifications on which the decision has been based.

Who to contact for questions?

If you have questions regarding your application or questions regarding the requirements please contact:

Danish Patient Safety Authority, Att: AAES

Islands Brygge 67

DK - 2300 Copenhagen S

Tel.: +45 72 28 66 00


Public registers and databases

If you wish  more information about the profession, the following private organization could be relevant for youDansk Kiropraktorforening(The Danish Association for chiropractors).

You will find all registered health professionals on the Danish Patient Safety online register.

Legal basis in Danish law

Bekendtgørelse om EU- og EØS-statsborgeres adgang til udøvelse af virksomhed som autoriseret sundhedsperson (not available in English)

Bekendtgørelse om ændring af bekendtgørelse om EU- og EØS-statsborgeres adgang til udøvelse af virksomhed som autoriseret sundhedsperson (not available in English)

Bekendtgørelse af lov om autorisation af sundhedspersoner og om sundhedsfaglig virksomhed (not available in English)

Legal basis in EU directive(s) on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications

2005/36/EC, Title III, Chapter I (General system for the recognition of evidence of training)