Cancellation of events

Guidelines for the compensation scheme for cancelled or postponed events.

As the main organizer of a cancelled event, you may apply for compensation for loss incurred due to the coronavirus disease/COVID-19, if:

  • The event has 350 participants or more
  • The event was planned to take place after the 6th of March 2020
  • The event takes place less often than daily but not more often than every second day, OR:
  • Takes place daily in a defined period of maximum 4 weeks. If you host the same event on several locations over a longer period, you may hold each of events for a defined period of maximum 4 weeks.


How much may I receive in compensation?

The compensation amount is dependent on the deficit of the event. The deficit is calculated by subtracting the income of the event from its expenses. The compensation scheme may not generate profit.

Am I eligible for compensation?

The compensation scheme applies to the main organizers of events. As a main organizer you need to be registered in The Central Business Register before the 6th of March 2020. It is required that you have the primary responsibility of preparing the event.      

Who are not eligible to apply for compensation?

You are not eligible to apply if you are:

  • A supplier to the event
  • A public institution

Or receive public subsidy that accounts for more than half of the company’s operating expenses

How do I apply?

You can find the latest information about the compensation schemes on under the heading coronavirus/covid19. 

Please note that both this information and all application forms are in Danish.