Fixed costs

Guidelines for the compensation scheme for fixed costs. 

If you are expecting a decrease in turnover, you may apply for compensation for part of your company’s fixed costs. Such costs could be, for example, different types of rent, depreciation costs, leasing costs, and interest costs.

To be eligible for this scheme, your company must have a Danish CVR number, and you must have fixed costs of at least 12.500 DKK from 9 March to 8 June 2020. Additionally, due to the coronavirus disease/COVID-19, the company must

  • expect a decrease in turnover of at least 35 % during the entire period of compensation, or
  • have been legally prohibited from staying open for part of the compensation period.


How much may I receive in compensation?

You may receive up to 80% of your expected fixed costs in compensation.

If your business has been legally prohibited from staying open and you have had no turnover, you may receive 100% of your fixed costs. 

Must I use the services of an independent, certified accountant?

Yes, you will need an auditor’s certificate from an independent, certified accountant. 

Will I be taxed on my compensation?

Yes, the compensation amount is taxable and is considered part of your company’s income. 

Might I have to pay back the compensation?

Yes, if you have been paid too high an amount as compensation, for example if your turnover ends up being higher than estimated.

How do I apply?

You can find the latest information about the compensation schemes on under the heading coronavirus/covid19. 

Please note that both this information and all application forms are in Danish.