Doing Business in Denmark?

The Danish point of single contact, BusinessInDenmark, is part of DBA’s Internal Market Centre. Via BusinessInDenmark, companies and individuals can get help to set up a business in Denmark.

BusinessInDenmark is a practical tool that provides companies that want to do business in Denmark on a permanent or temporary basis with fast, effective answers in English to questions about rules of establishment and the authorisations necessary for around 100 sectors and areas. You will find BusinessInDenmark here:

Overview of rules and authorisations when establishing a business in Denmark

BusinessInDenmark contains information on Danish authorisation schemes and requirements, cf. the Services Directive, and give those of you who want to set up a business in Denmark on a permanent or temporary basis the opportunity to complete the entire application process with the relevant Danish authority via the website. For instance, via BusinessInDenmark you can complete the application process for real estate agents or electrical contractors via the special application module.

BusinessInDenmark is part of the EU’s EUGO network. You will find other countries’ points of single contact via the EUGO link on the right-hand side of the page.

How to find information using BusinessInDenmark

Select your profession from the alphabetical index. Then select the sector or area in which are you interested, and follow the instructions given there for submitting your application. If you need further information, then you can contact the responsible authority directly. The telephone number and e-mail address are given at the bottom of the page for the scheme.

How to fill in applications

Once you have found the correct form, you can print it out, fill it in – don’t forget to sign it – and then scan it onto your computer. When you have scanned the application and any other essential documentation, you can submit the complete application to the relevant Danish authority via the special upload function.

You can also submit your application by e-mail or normal post. E-mail addresses and postal addresses for the relevant authorities are shown on the pages for the various schemes. You can read more about the submission procedures in a so-called "step-by-step guide".

Relevant links

On the BusinessInDenmark website you can find a number of links to other services that also provide advice on starting a business or working in Denmark.

Contact us

If you have any further questions about a specific scheme, you should contact the responsible authority. If you have general questions, then you can contact BusinessInDenmark’s secretariat by phone on +45 35 46 65 65 or by e-mail at:[email protected].