Energy consultancy

The energy performance certificate of buildings is mandatory in Denmark whenever buildings are sold and rented out, as well as every 10 years for larger buildings owned or occupied by public authorities.

The energy performance certificate of buildings serves two purposes:

  1. The energy performance certificate includes the energy performance of a building and reference values such as minimum energy performance requirements in order to make it possible for owners or tenants of the building or building unit to compare and assess its energy performance.
  2. The energy performance certificate includes recommendations for the cost-optimal or cost-effective improvement of the energy performance of a building, unless there is no reasonable potential for such improvement compared to the energy performance requirements in force.

The energy performance certificate is carried out by an energy consultant associated with a certified company or an energy consultant approved in another EU or EOS country. The energy consultant measures the building and examines the quality of the insulation, windows and doors, heating system, etc. The energy consumption of the building is calculated on the basis of standard weather conditions, family size, operating times, consumption habits, etc.

In order to be certified to prepare energy performance certificates, the company must introduce a quality assurance system in accordance with the rules of the international standard for quality assurance systems, ISO 9001 with supplementary requirements.

How to apply?

The certification must be carried out by a certification body which is accredited by DANAK (Danish Accreditation) or an equivalent body in another EU country affiliated with the EU’s accreditation organisation EA (European Co-operation for Accreditation).

DANAK (Danish Accreditation Fund)
Dyregårdsvej 5 B
DK-2740 Skovlunde
Tel.: +45 77 33 95 00
E-mail:  ">

Please note that your company must be certified to carry out energy performance certificates, before you can register your company. If you wish to work as an energy consultant you must be associated with a certified company.

Note that the requirements regarding temporary and occasional economic activities as impartial experts can be found in chapter 9 in Executive Order No 1027 of 29 August 2017. The first time a certified company enters the Danish territory it has to report following information to the Danish Energy Agency:

  • Documentation of the company's nationality;
  • an attestation certifying that the company is legally established in a Member State for the purpose of pursuing the activities concerned and that he is not prohibited from practising, even temporarily, at the moment of delivering the attestation;
  • evidence of professional qualifications;
  • any means of proof that the company has pursued the activity concerned for at least one year during the previous ten years. The condition requiring one years' pursuit, not apply when either the profession or the education and training leading to the profession is regulated;
  • declaration of insurance coverage.

Please note that the above mentioned information must be renewed once every year.

You can register your company by completing this application form.

The data sheet and declaration of insurance coverage can be enclosed, when you submit your company registration.

Submitting your application

You can submit your company registration, including data sheet, declaration of insurance coverage, and the above mentioned documentation to the Danish Energy Agency.

The registration must be completed and the company approved by the Danish Energy Agency before energy consultants/technical experts can submit reports as part of their work for the certified company.

Establishing a business

Once the company has been certified, the company must be registered with the Danish Energy Agency. Please also note that energy performance certifications may only be carried out by individuals who meet the Danish Energy Agency’s requirements – to perform as an energy consultant.

Requirements for non EU citizens and businesses

The same requirements apply as for EU citizens and businesses.


No fee required.

When can I expect an answer?

You will get a receipt as soon as possible and the answer within 4 weeks of submitting the application, to whether the company is approved or not. However, this requires that all relevant documentation is included in the application.

In case of rejection

If the Danish Energy Agency decides to reject your application, you will receive a reasoned notification. You cannot appeal this decision to other authorities, but appeals may be brought before the courts.

Who to contact for questions?

If you have questions regarding your application or questions regarding the requirements please contact

Danish Energy Agency

Niels Bohrs Vej 8D

DK - 6700 Esbjerg

Tel.: 33 92 67 00


Public registers and databases

You can obtain further information if necessary by contacting the private organizations for building experts and energy consultants detailed below.

Brancheforeningen for Bygningssagkyndige og Energikonsulenter, BfBE
Amaliegade 6, 3. tv
DK-1256 Copenhagen K
Tel.: +45 33328855

Danske Bygningskonsulenter
Bredbjergvej 44
DK- 5230 Odense M
Tel.: +45 65431130

Legal basis in Danish law


Consolidation Act No. 636 of 19. June 2012 on promoting energy savings in buildings

Order No. 793 of 7. August 2019 on energy performance certificate of buildings

Order No. 792 of 7. August 2019 on Handbook for Energy Consultants (HB2019)


Legal basis in EU directive(s) on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications

Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 September 2005 on the recognition of professional qualifications

Title III, Chapter I (General system for the recognition of evidence og training)