Environmental noise measurements and predictions - Individuals certification

To obtain personal certification the applicant has to meet the following requirements, which are outlined in the report RL 20/96:

  • An appropriate education, typically a degree equivalent to M.Sc. in acoustics obtained from a Technical University
  • Proven experience of at least two years in the field of noise measurements and noise prediction
  • Master Danish written language
  • Be affiliated to an approved acoustic laboratory

Furthermore, the certified persons have to comply with a number of requirements to maintain the certification:

  • Carry out at least five “environmental noise measurements” per year
  • Participate in the proficiency tests and other quality assuring activities
  • Report annual educational activities such as attended courses, conferences, literature studies etc.

The RL 20/96 report is provided by the Reference Laboratory for Noise Measurements of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency: RL 20/96 Kvalitetskrav til “Miljømåling – ekstern støj” og ”Miljømåling – trafikstøj

The purpose of the monitoring process is to ensure that the scope of the activities is within the requirements laid down in the Statutory Order on Quality requirements for environmental measurements – in particular annex 4 regarding environmental noise.

The certification entitle individuals to perform measurements and calculations of environmental noise as well as preparing reports to be used for assessment and decision-making by the Danish environmental authorities, the planning authorities, the Environmental Board of Appeal and, ultimately, in court.

For more information

How to apply?

Individuals can apply for certification by filling out the application form, which is available for download here

Please forward the application by e-mail to: certif@force.dk

Certification Scheme

A certificate for measurements and calculations to be used in the authorities' administrative procedures can be acquired for the following subjects:

  1. Environmental industrial noise, including infrasound and low frequency noise
  2. Noise from shooting ranges, exclusive measurement of source strength
  3. Noise from racetracks
  4. Noise from wind turbines
  5. Environmental vibrations
  6. Source strength of small arms
  7. Noise from railways
  8. Noise from road traffic
  9. Aircraft Noise

The subjects 1-4 are mandatory, while the subjects 5-9 are optional. However, achieving certification only for calculations of traffic noise is possible (rail and road traffic noise).

A certified measurement and control technologist must be able to master the written Danish, as the working language of the authorities is Danish. As a consequence the application for personal certification must be completed in Danish.

Temporary or occasional pursuit

Individuals, whose professional qualifications have been acquired in another Member State intending to carry out noise measurements in Denmark temporarily or occasionally, are exempt from the requirement for certification.

However, before the activity commences the certification body has to be informed by fulfilling the requirements given in clause 15 in the Statutory Order on Quality requirements for environmental measurements for the purpose of controlling the qualifications in order to prevent serious harm to the public health.

Requirements for non EU citizens and businesses

The same requirements apply as for EU citizens and businesses.


A fee is charged for processing application on an hourly basis.and annual administration for the maintenance of a permanent certification.

Fees per January 1st 2019 (excl. VAT)

Application fee: DKK 1,212 per hour

Annual administration fee: DKK 14,646

When can I expect an answer?

The Reference laboratory for Noise Measurements of Danish Environmental Protection Agency will acknowledge the reception of the application as soon as possible. The application will be processed no later than three months after the necessary documentation has been received.

In case of rejection

The certification body's decisions cannot be appealed, but it is possible to initiate a legal action.

Who to contact for questions?

FORCE Technology is recognized by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency to certify persons to perform "Environmental Measurement - noise" and "Environmental Measurement - traffic noise".

FORCE Technology

Venlighedsvej 4

DK-2970 Hørsholm


Tel: +45 43 25 14 00

E-mail: certif@force.dk


Public registers and databases

Register of certified persons to perform environmental noise measurements and predictions:

At the public website of the Reference Laboratory for Noise Measurements, you can find a list of laboratories employing certified persons approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency to carry out "Environmental measurement - external noise" or "Environmental measurement - traffic noise". For the individuals it is stated which specific subjects the certification covers: https://referencelaboratoriet.dk/godkendte-laboratorier/samlet-oversigt/

Also listed are laboratories accredited by DANAK or other accrediting bodies approved by EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation) to perform these measurements.

In the list, the accredited laboratories labeled with a blue crown icon are accredited by DANAK, while laboratories employing persons certified by FORCE Technology are labeled with a FORCE icon.


If you wish  more information about the sector, these private organizations could be relevant for you:

Danish Acoustical Society

Dansk Akustisk Selskab (DAS)

Ørsteds Plads 352

DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby


E-mail: das@d-a-s.dk

Webpage: https://d-a-s.dk/danish-acoustical-society/


The Danish Association of Consulting Engineers

Foreningen af Rådgivende Ingeniører (FRI)

Vesterbrogade 1E, 3. sal

Postboks 367

DK-1504 København V


Tel: +45 35 25 37 37

E-mail: fri@frinet.dk

Webpage: www.frinet.dk/english


The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA

Ingeniørforeningen IDA

Kalvebod Brygge 31-33

DK-1780 København V


Tel: +45 33 18 48 48

E-mail: ida@ida.dk

Webpage: http://english.ida.dk/

Legal basis in Danish law

Statutory Order on Quality requirements for environmental measurements – annex 4: Noise/ Bekendtgørelse om kvalitetskrav til miljømålinger nr. 523 af 1. maj 2019

Statutory Order on Noise from wind turbines – annex 1 and 2: Measurements and tonal noise/ Bekendtgørelse om støj fra vindmøller nr. 135 af 7. februar 2019

Statutory Order on Environmental approval of fast ferry routes – annex 1 Noise requirements/ Bekendtgørelse om miljøgodkendelse af hurtigfærgeruter nr. 1735 af 21. december 2015

Legal basis in EU directive(s) on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications

EU directive 2005/36/EC, Title III, Chapter I (General system for the recognition of evidence of training)