The EU ETS Registry and The Danish Kyoto Registry

This page is being updated in relation to new regulations. Please refer to the executive order regarding the Emission Trading Registry listed to the right. Note that the new regulations require company registration in Denmark in order to open a trading account or person holding account.


The EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS) Registry and the Danish Emission Trading Registry are two separate entities. These registries contain allowances and credits, which are electronic units giving certain companies the right to emit one tonne of greenhouse gases during a specified period. These two registries are commonly referred to as the Emission Trading Registry.

The EU ETS came into effect on 1 January 2005. In October 2008, the European system was linked to the UN emission trading system, which is why there is now a world-wide system for the trading of allowances and credits.

Because emission allowances and credits exist only as electronic units, electronic registries are needed in which to store these allowances and credits and register to whom the allowances and credits belong. The various emission registries are linked in an electronic network, which makes it possible to exchange allowances and credits between the registries’ accounts.

On these pages, you can read more about the EU ETS Registry and the Danish Emission Trading Registry, including information about who may open an account in the registries and how to apply for an account.