Guidelines for Mobile Street Selling of Daily Commodities

If you wish to sell daily commodities such as food and beverages on the street, there are certain rules and regulations that you should be aware of.

Daily commodities such as foods and beverages may be sold by mobile street vendors, but you must be aware that you may not sell tobacco, alcohol, soft drinks, chocolates, sweets (including burnt almonds), or over-the-counter medicines.

Two days before commencement of sales, you must register your enterprise on the website (this does not require a digital signature and is free of charge). This registration must be updated once a year as it is automatically deleted at the end of each year. Documentation of registration (e.g. a screenshot) must be presented to the authorities upon demand.

If you begin to sell daily commodities as a mobile street vendor, you must also be aware of the following:

  • The municipality must always be consulted to see whether they have any objections to the selling and whether any requirements must be met.
  • Special rules apply to mobile street vendors in the City of Copenhagen, cf.:
  • Beside the push-cart, you must set up a conspicuous poster with the name and address of the enterprise owner, as well as the enterprise’s CVR/VAT no. (if the enterprise has a CVR/VAT no.). A written copy of this information must be distributed to customers upon request.


  • Your enterprise must be registered for VAT and have a CVR number if your turnover exceeds DKK 50,000/year. Read more at or telephone (+45) 3529 1000.
  • You must contact the local food control office to see whether they have any requirements relating to your enterprise, including the set-up of the vendor push-cart.
  • If you have any questions about street selling, please contact the Danish Business Authority by phone or e-mail: [email protected]