Control List - items subject to controls

The control list is a list of items and technologies that are subject to controls. Other items may also be subject to the rules if they fall under the catch-all provisions.

Critical items (the control list)

The function and potential uses of items are decisive for whether a special authorisation is required in order to export them. The EU control list is an overview of goods and items that are subject to export controls. Other items may also be subject to the rules if they fall under the catch-all provisions.

The EU control list

Some items can be used for both civil and military purposes. These items are known as dual-use items. The EU control list presents the dual-use items that require an export authorisation. The control list is divided up into two parts:

See corrections to the control list here (pdf)

Annex I (the control list)

Annex I holds the entire list of items that are subject to export controls. If you wish to export within EU borders, most of the items are, however, subject to more relaxed rules. For practical reasons, Annex I is divided into 10 categories, each of which covers a product line. You may use the categories as an indicator for items to which you should give special attention:

The 10 categories

Category 0: Nuclear materials, facilities and equipment
Category 1: Special materials and related equipment
Category 2: Materials processing
Category 3: Electronics
Category 4: Computers
Category 5: Telecommunications and “information security”
Category 6: Sensors and lasers
Category 7: Navigation and avionics
Category 8: Marine
Category 9: Aerospace and propulsion

Annex IV (most critical dual-use items)

Annex IV is an excerpt from Annex I (the control list as such). Annex IV lists the most critical dual-use items which are subject to the strictest controls. An export authorisation is always required with respect to items listed in Annex IV. This is also the case if it is a matter of intra-EU exports.

How to check if an item is on the list

You should find the categories that at first sight seem most relevant. You may for example carry out a full-text search for words or distinctive features that characterise the items you want to look into.

You may carry out a full-text search by clicking ctrl-F and then write the search term in the window that opens. To find the term in other places on the control list, please click “previous” or "next".

Other items subject to controls

Please be aware that other items such as certain chemical items and items to be used for torture and execution purposes are also subject to restrictions. Trade in these goods may also require a special export authorisation.

Changes to the control list

The control list is updated about once a year in line with technological developments. New items are added and outdated items deleted. The most common changes to the list are due to the updating of threshold limits such as measuring sensitivity, performance or specifications in the explanatory notes. Changes are written into the various categories of the control list.

Penal provisions

Non-compliance with the export authorisation requirement may involve criminal liability in the form of a fine or imprisonment of up to two years or, in aggravating circumstances, by imprisonment of up to six years, cf. Executive Order No 475 of 14 June 2005 on exports of dual-use items and technologies.