LRAIC mobile

In the tables below, current and historical regulated termination rates for mobile voice and sms are stated. Please note that as of January 1, 2016, termination rates for sms are no longer price regulated.


Voice mobile termination rates in DKK øre per minute
May 2006848484104--
May 2007727272104104-
May 20086262629292-
May 20095454547474-
May 201044444451-51
May 201133333333-33
March 20122323232323***23
Jan 2013888888
Jan 20146.686.686.686.686.686.68
Jan 20156.
Jan 20165.415.415.415.415.415.41
Jan 20174.734.734.734.734.734.73
Jan 20184.474.474.474.474.474.47
Jan 20193.853.853.853.85-****3.85
Jan 20203.853.853.853.85-3.85


Sms mobile termination rates in DKK øre per sms:
 Pre August 2011August 2011March 2012January 2013January 2014January 2015Januar 2016
All MNOs and MVNOs201612861.11-

Bold prices are regulated prices.

* Mundio entered the market late 2007 under the name Barablu. From 1 November 2008 the company was price regulated for the first time (0,92 DKK/minut). The company had no market activities in Denmark in 2010 and 2011.

** Lycamobile entered the marked in the beginning of 2010.

*** The rate is as of 14 May 2012.

**** Mundio (Vectone) withdrew from the Danish telecom market in 2018.