Market reviews - Regulation of Providers with Significant Market Power (SMP)

The Danish Business Authority regulates competition in telecommunications markets. Conditions for a competitive market are analyzed and on this background obligations are imposed on companies that hold strong market positions. The Danish Business Authority carries out control to make sure that telecommunication companies live up to these obligations. 

The Danish Business Authority aims to regulate the telecoms sector to ensure fair competition, so that businesses and citizens alike can benefit from reasonable pricing and a broad range of choices. We do this by analyzing the competitive situation in the market, creating models for pricing, and making decisions concerning interconnection agreements.

Market Reviews

In accordance with the Telecommunications Act, the Danish Business Authority carries out analyses of the competitive situation in the telecommunications market (market reviews) at regular intervals.


LRAIC (Long Run Average Incremental Costs) is one of four pricing methods that may be adopted by the Danish Business Authority in connection with the pricing of interconnection products.

Click here for current and historical regulated termination rates for mobile voice and sms.

Reference offers

The Danish Business Authority supervises the incumbent’s reference offer.

Interconnection decisions

Interconnection agreements are to be made on commercial terms.