National Administration

Criminal provisions and administrative rules are contained within the national legislation.

The EU Regulation applies directly to Danish law, but it contains no criminal provisions and no detailed administrative rules. It is therefore necessary to lay down criminal provisions and administrative rules in national legislation.

In the Enabling Act, criminal provisions are laid down regarding any breach of the export control rules. These criminal provisions are reiterated in the Export Executive Order, which furthermore contains more detailed administrative provisions on how and by what authorities the export control rules are to be administered. The Minister for Business and Growth (previously Minister for Business and Industry) has authorised the Danish Business Authority (previously the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority) to administer the control of exports.

  • Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority Executive Order No 712 of 5 July 2019 on export of dual-use products and technology (Export Executive Order).
  • Ministry of Business and Industry Consolidating Act No 635 of 9 June 2011 on the application of certain European Communities Acts on economic relations to third countries (Enabling Act).