Physical planning

The Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs is responsible for safeguarding national interests through physical planning.

Physical planning is through reports, binding guidelines, guidelines and intervention in local planning for topics and projects of international, national or regional interest.

The state sets the overall guidelines for the planning, while the municipalities are responsible for translating the overall guidelines and visions into actual spatial planning through municipal plans and local development plans.

Moreover, the five regions are responsible for regional development plans that ensure more strategic development planning.
An overall national plan is not prepared, but after each new appointment the new Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs presents a national planning report for municipalities and regions.

According to the Danish Planning Act, the Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs is obliged to object to the municipal plan if the plan is inconsistent with overall national interests.

International collaboration

Developments in Denmark increasingly depend on planning and developments in our neighbouring countries and in the rest of the EU.

National Planning Report

In the National Planning Report, the Danish government presents its long-term considerations on Denmark's geographical structure, and how to realise these.

State interests

Every four years the Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs publishes an overview of national interests in municipal planning.