Planning in cities/towns

On this site you can read about town planning. Read about urban life, commerce and traffic etc.; all of which help create sustainable cities.

Urban life

Sustainable cities are living cities. Urban life contributes to sustainability for the environment, society and the economy.

Retail trade

Shops are important preconditions for the vitality that makes being in a city attractive.


Placing the "right companies at the right location" has always been a key task for planning.


Good urban planning ensures the best utilisation of the entire traffic system, so that as many people as possible can use public transport, cycle or walk.


Many Danish cities have developed around an active commercial port which has served as a hub for trade, production and workplaces.

Allotment gardens

Allotment gardens should continue to be an important part of the urban population's recreational activities.

Better green experiences in the city

Innovative ideas are needed to find room for more nature and not least to create better cohesion between existing green areas inside and outside the city. Read more about the project here.

Greater Copenhagen

Greater Copenhagen is one cohesive residential area and labour market across municipal borders. Therefore this area has special regulations for planning.