Product Contact Point

Each EU Member State is required to establish a Product Contact Point. Through information on national rules and remedies, the Contact Points help reduce the risk that a product is unlawfully denied access to a market of another EU Member State.

The principle of mutual recognition ensures that non-harmonised products lawfully marketed in one Member State should be allowed to be marketed in any other Member State, even when though the products do not fully comply with the technical rules of the Member State of destination. However, in accordance with the Regulation on Mutual Recognition, Member States can adopt administrative decisions based on justified and proportionate national technical rules to prohibit, modify or withdraw a product from the market.

On these pages you can read more about the application of the principle of mutual recognition as well as the Regulation on Mutual Recognition (Regulation (EU) 2019/515), and you can access a searchable database with a broad range of the Danish technical rules and regulations that apply to goods.