In the planning area, there are various projects which strengthen collaboration, coordination and sharing experience across the different authorities and stakeholders.

Better green experiences in the city

Innovative ideas are needed to find room for more nature, and not least to create better cohesion between existing green areas inside and outside the city.

Movement in the city

By finding room for new types of exercise and allowing people to move easily and safely around the city, municipalities can help improve public health.

Biogas plants, architecture and landscape

The objective of this project is to generate and communicate knowledge about, and tools to safeguard, architecture and landscape in the planning, location and design of biogas plants.

Urban life that pays off

The objective of this project is to qualify the decision-making basis of municipalities, developers and property owners in connection with considerations about investment in urban living.

Sustainable building

Collaboration project that tests the German certification system for sustainable building, the DGNB Certification System in a Danish context.

Dialogue forum on tourism planning

In June 2011, the dialogue forum on tourism planning reported on its discussions on the possibilities and limitations in the Planning Act to support tourism in near-coast areas. The dialogue forum will meet for follow-up meetings in the coming years.

The business project

The business project is about how to adapt planning for businesses to a future business structure.

Suburban think tank

More than half of Denmark's population live or work in the suburbs. Therefore, there should be good opportunities for sustainable living in the suburbs.

Pilot scheme for coastal tourism and nature tourism

The pilot scheme for coastal tourism and nature tourism opens new opportunities for projects within the near-coast zone and the beach protection line, and all the coastal municipalities in Denmark have been invited to submit projects.

The Funen project

How can a common planning structure on Funen best stimulate sustainable growth on Funen so that the island can keep up with Aarhus and Greater Copenhagen? Collaboration between nine municipalities on Funen, the Region of Southern Denmark and the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth.

Agriculture and landscape in the municipal plan

Development project focusing on the new mandatory plan topics for the 2013 revision of municipal development plans on large livestock farms and common biogas plants.

Planning and small towns

Small towns outside the growth centres of Denmark are facing new roles and new challenges. A project in two parts has focused on the challenges and opportunities for development of these small towns.


A dialogue project has focused on revitalising the old suburbs west of Copenhagen (Vestegnen) and examined the possibilities for renewing existing business areas.

Development of tourism in outlying areas - seaside resort towns

Many parts of the Danish coastlines outside the cities have either been developed for tourism or hold great potentials for developing coastal tourism. With their distinctive characteristics and features, Danish coasts provide many opportunities for destination development and can help elevate tourism in Denmark.