Creative Industries: Role of the Authority

At the Danish Business Authority, we are working to develop and implement a policy for creative businesses and design in Denmark.

Politically, Denmark wishes to ensure that Danish enterprises have good opportunities to generate growth and renewal by incorporating design, experiences and creativity as innovation methods. Therefore, the Danish Business Authority works to create the best conditions for this.

The Danish Business Authority is involved with creative businesses and design by

  • preparing analyses, such as Growth through Experiences
  • developing new policies through policy recommendations, international efforts, etc.
  • administering initiatives and grants to recipients such as the Danish Design Centre, INDEX: and the Centre for Cultural and Experience Economy (CKO).

When the Danish Business Authority administers initiatives and grants, we enter into ongoing dialogue with institutions and project managers concerning the setting of goals, achievement of goals and participation in various activities.

Facts about Creative Businesses and Design

In recent years, creative businesses have been growing internationally and are now responsible for a higher percentage of the global economy than previously. Denmark has positions of commercial strength in fields such as fashion and furniture design, but has also produced international successes in the areas of television production and computer games. Therefore, we have a good starting point for getting our share of this global growth.

Around 85,000 people are employed in the creative professions in Denmark, and creative businesses account for 6% of the total number of enterprises. They are responsible for just over 7% of Denmark’s total exports and create value worth DKK 49.1 billion, equivalent to EUR 6.5 billion, annually. The fashion industry still has the highest turnover of any of Denmark’s creative business areas and increased its turnover from DKK 35 billion to DKK 45 billion from 2001 to 2009.