Guidelines for the salary compensation scheme.

Your business may receive temporary compensation for salary expenses if you would otherwise be forced to lay off employees due to the coronavirus disease/COVID-19.

To qualify for salary compensation, the company must be in the position of having to lay off

  1. a minimum of 30% of its employees, or
  2. more than 50 employees.

You will not be entitled to compensation if:

  • your company has elected to send employees home without pay
  • your salary costs have been covered by another compensation scheme introduced in connection with the coronavirus disease/COVID-19
  • your employees have not been sent home
  • you represent an institution or similar whose public support accounts for more than 50% of your operating costs.


How much may I receive in compensation?

For salaried workers: the salary compensation scheme covers 75% of the total salary expenses for each employee with a maximum limitation of 30,000 DKK a month for every affected full-time employee. 

For hourly paid workers: the compensation scheme covers 90% with a maximum limitation of 30,000 DKK a month for every affected full-time employee. 

It is not necessary for your employee to work full-time to be eligible for compensation. If your employee does not work full-time (37 hours a week), the maximum limitation amount will be reduced according to the number of hours worked. For example, the limitation for a part-time employee working 20 hours a week will be approximately 16,000 DKK.

Might I have to repay the compensation?

Yes. For example, if you call employees back to work, you must repay the compensation for the days (full workdays) your employees have been working. You will still receive compensation for the employees who remain at home. 

I only have one employee. Can I make use of the compensation scheme?

Yes. If you have one employee, that employee counts as 100% of your staff, making you eligible for the scheme. 

As company owner you yourself are not covered by the compensation scheme, whether or not you draw a salary from the company. Instead you may explore the possibility of seeking compensation for your revenue loss from the compensation scheme for the self-employed and freelancers.

How do I apply?

You can find the latest information about the compensation schemes on under the heading coronavirus/covid19. 

Please note that both this information and all application forms are in Danish.