Scope of fulfilment

Industrial co-operation must concern defence equipment within specific technological areas and must be associated with the specific acquisition or corresponding defence equipment.

The National Defence Industrial Strategy (pdf) specifies the strategically most important areas of technology for the protection of Denmark’s essential security interests. These are:

  • Advanced software, including cyber security;
  • Communications and command control systems;
  • Surveillance and radar technology;
  • Operational protection of personnel and military capabilities, e.g. equipment and communication;
  • Parts of the vehicle area critical for military operations;
  • Parts of the maritime area critical for military operations;
  • Advanced materials technology and processing; and
  • Optimising of energy and environment in military operations.

As part of the assessment of the need for industrial co-operation for the specific procurement, the Ministry of Defence selects the strategic technology areas within which the obligation must be fulfilled. These strategic technological areas will be stipulated in the ICC entered into between the Danish Business Authority and the supplier. They will also be stipulated in the Danish Armed Forces’ tender specifications and procurement documents.

The specific fulfilment:

  • can take place throughout the product life cycle of the specific procurement, including its development, production, maintenance, operation and performance of tasks;
  • must concern defence equipment and/or defence services;
  • must fall within at least one of the strategic technology areas stipulated in the ICC entered into between the Danish Business Authority and the supplier;
  • must be related to the specific procurement or corresponding defence equipment, i.e. either:
  • concern the specific procurement, or
  • concern a procurement of corresponding defence equipment, or
  • support competencies and capabilities  to be developed and/or maintained through the industrial co-operation obligation for the specific procurement.

The Danish Business Authority must grant approval to confirm that the fulfilment is within the defined areas.