Secure e-mail

The Danish Business Authority can receive secure e-mail regarding the EU ETS Registry and the Danish Emission Trading Registry via the e-mail address (alias for

What is secure e-mail?

Secure e-mail is e-mail which has been certified or encrypted by the sender.

The method of certification is a digital certificate which ensures that the content of the message has not been modified after being sent, and ensures the sender’s identity.

Encryption ensures that the message may only be read by the proper recipient. Encryption performs the same function as an envelope which prevents unauthorized persons from reading the content.

The Danish Business Authority recommends that sensitive information be sent to the Danish Business Authority as encrypted e-mail.

How to send a secure e-mail

The sending of a secure e-mail requires that you have registered the certificate (type OCES) which belongs to the address “” in your e-mail program. This certificate can be downloaded from Nets DanID’s server by searching for the address “”.

A company digital signature or NemID employee certificate is required for the sending and receiving of secure e-mail. If you or your company do not have this, a company digital signature or NemID employee certificate can be ordered on Nets DanID’s website. Please note that this is only possible if the company has a Danish CVR-number.

If you have any general questions about the use of secure e-mail, the Danish Business Authority advises you to contact Nets DanID directly.