Compliance - Repport emissions and surrender of allowances

Once a year all Danish companies and aircraft operators covered by the EU ETS Directive must report their emissions and surrender allowances that correspond to the number of their emissions in the previous year. Read more about the process and deadlines here below. 

No later than 30th of April each year, operators (OHA) and aircraft operators (AOHA) must surrender the number of emission allowances that correspond to their emissions of greenhouse gases in the preceding year, which they must report to the Danish Energy Agency, latest 31st of March each year.

AOHA also need to report their emissions in the Danish EU ETS registry, and if they have obligations towards the Swiss Emission Trading Registry, report these emissions in the Danish EU ETS registry.  

Reports must be verified by an approved verifcator.

The surrendering only takes place in the Danish EU ETS registry and must be performed by the account representatives, by 30th of April each year at the latest.
AOHA with obligations towards Swiss Emission Trading Registry must also surrender these emissions in the Danish EU ETS registry.

Transactions for surrendering allowances will always be executed immediately and are not covered by transaction delay.

Surrender of allowances normally requires that an account representative with initiation rights initiates the surrender and another account representative with approval rights approves the task.

If an account is setup so that trusted transactions can be executed by one account representative, the surrender can be executed by one account representative with both initiation and approval rights.

Read more about transactions in the EU ETS registry

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Types of allowances that can be surrendered

Operators (OHA) and aircraft operators (AOHA) can surrender following types of allowances, regardless of whether they were issued in the 3rd or the 4th phase of the ETS.

EUA – General allowances 
AEUA – AOHA allowances
CHU – General Swiss allowances
CHUA – AOHA Swiss allowances

If the deadline is not kept

If the emissions are not reported and verified before 31st of March at 24.00, the account will automatically be blocked for transactions, except for surrendering of allowances. When the allowances have been surrendered the block will be lifted.

If the surrendering of allowances has not taken place before April 30th at 24.00, the Danish Energy Agency will issue a penalty of 100 Euro (adjusted for increasing prices) for each missing unit to be surrenderes. The requirement to return the adequate number of allowances will remain in force.