Enterprise growth

At the Danish Business Authority, we are involved in developing, running and coordinating initiatives aimed at promoting the growth conditions for Danish entrepreneurs and enterprises.

  • Updated 20. October 2023

High-growth enterprises can help to create new jobs and are more likely to survive hard times. In order to overcome the productivity and welfare challenges currently confronting Denmark, it is crucial for us to generate growth in a greater number of enterprises.

The Danish Business Authority is continuously developing initiatives aimed at making it easier for entrepreneurs and enterprises to obtain qualified help for growth.

Facts about enterprise growth

In recent years, it has been challenging for Danish enterprises to generate growth. These difficulties arose in the wake of the economic crisis, and statistics show that the percentage of high-growth start-ups in Denmark was 0.3% in 2009. This puts Denmark near the bottom compared to other OECD countries; only the US and France have a lower percentage of high-growth start-ups. The percentage of high-growth start-ups in Denmark declined by almost half from 2008 to 2009.

The number of high-growth enterprises in Denmark also declined by half from 2008 to 2009. In 2009, the percentage of high-growth enterprises was around 3% which once again put Denmark at the bottom compared to the other OECD countries.

There are many indications of how the crisis has left its mark on the Danish business community and Denmark must overcome the challenge of getting both new and established enterprises into dynamic growth processes.

Help for growth

The Danish Business Authority develops and launches a number of projects and initiatives aimed at boosting entrepreneurship in Denmark.

Initiatives that are developed at the Danish Business Authority in order to make it easier for entrepreneurs and enterprises to receive qualified help for growth include Danish Business Hubs (“Erhvervshuse”) and Virksomhedsguiden. 

Danish Business Hubs (“Erhvervshuse”)

The Danish Business Hubs are established as independent, joint municipal bodies under the oversight of the Minister of Business, Industry and Financial affairs. The hubs compile specialized professional competencies on establishment and development of businesses. They offer their services to all Danish companies, requiring specialized guidance.

The hubs collaborate and refer companies to private-sector and public-sector service providers who may help with the execution of the business plan. The hubs also design and promote project addressing specific societal og industrial issues.

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Virksomhedsguiden is a fast short-cut to comprehensive and useful information and advice for entrepreneurs and established enterprises with growth potential. It is operated by the Danish Business Authority, partially in collaboration with the Danish Business Hubs (“Erhvervshuse”).


A guide to business start-up, operation and development.