Green transition and circular economy

The Danish Business Authority supports Danish companies' green and circular business development and works to create the best conditions for the development of sustainable solutions for the future.

  • Updated 19. October 2023

Green and circular transformation of Danish companies contributes to a better climate and creates basis for new business opportunities. Here you can read analyses and case studies about the potential in the green transition and circular economy.

Circular economy

The circular economy offers new business opportunities for your company, which can contribute to increased employment, competitiveness and export, as well as reduced CO2 emissions and resource consumption.

Below you can read about how companies in Denmark and abroad have started up (or converted to) a circular business model as well as the economic and business perspectives in the circular economy for Denmark.

Circular solutions help reduce the climate footprint through higher material efficiency, product sharing and longer product lifetimes, as well as better recycling. Here you can read about how circular economy can reduce the climate footprint in the Nordic region.