Mandatory Mailbox

Mandatory mailbox for companies, associations and other organisations.

From 1 November 2013, it will be mandatory for anyone with a CVR number (VAT or business registration number) to have a Digital Post mailbox for letters from public authorities. The mailbox is free and can be set up already now on Virk/postkasse.
In the future you will receive important messages regarding things like sickness benefits, criminal records, MOT tests and financial statements in your digital mailbox.

The digital mailbox will have the same status as your physical mailbox. This means that it is your responsibility to read any new digital messages.

Once you have set up your mailbox, you can choose how a digital message should be processed. For example, you can specify an e-mail address or a mobile number and receive a notification when you have received a new message.

You will need a NemID employee signature to set up the mailbox. From now until 1 November, you may experience some waiting time before getting your signature. Therefore you should order your NemID employee signature now – and set up the mailbox before 1 November to avoid missing important digital messages from public authorities.

Find help and guidance on how to create and use the digital mailbox on Virk/postkasse. The instructions are in Danish.

The digital mailbox is a result of the joint public eGovernment strategy for 2011–2015. The mailbox will save taxpayers almost DKK 400 million a year – for the benefit of individuals and businesses alike.