Mission and Vision

The Danish Business Authority endeavours to create the best conditions for growth in Europe, and to make it easy and attractive to run a business in Denmark.


The best conditions and framework for responsible Danish companies


In partnership with others we make it easy and attractive to run a responsible business and create development throughout Denmark

Easy meaning that rules and regulations are understandable, easy to administer for the businesses, and that all communication with our customers is done digitally and in an effective manner.

Attractive meaning that we understand the needs of businesses and adjust the business conditions to these needs as they arise.

The main task of the Danish Business Authority in the coming years is to contribute to a responsible and sustainable economic development.

Low growth in productivity has weakened the competitiveness of Denmark. Therefore we need to strengthen the general conditions for growth. We also need to strengthen the conditions for growth in those areas where Denmark has particular strengths and potentials, such as environment and welfare.   

The goal is to improve the competitiveness of Denmark and to make it more attractive to run a business in the country.