Mutual recognition as ”statsautoriseret revisor”

The Danish Business Authority may approve applicants entitled to perform statutory audit in another country, providing certain requirements are met.

  • Updated 19. October 2023

The Danish Business Authority grants mutual recognition as “statsautoriseret revisor” to applicants, who are entitled to perform statutory audit in a foreign country and who document having obtained an education comparable to the educational demands in Danish legislation as part of gaining the right to perform statutory audit. Titles as “accountant”, “chartered accountant”, “auditor” etc. that do not entitle the holder to perform statutory audit cannot obtain mutual recognition.

For applicants holding a title from an EU / EEA country, The Danish Business Authority will verify that the applicant is able to perform statutory audit by contact to the competent authority in the home country. The scope of the investigation is to verify that the applicant holds unconditional and unlimited right to perform statutory audit in the home country.

Applicants from a third country (a country outside the EU / EEA) will be asked to document their right to perform statutory audit and that they have fulfilled a theoretical and practical education and passed an exam comparable to the education demanded in the Danish Act on Approved Auditors and Audit Firms sec. 3. The Danish Business Authority will have the theoretical education assessed by the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education. If the education of an applicant doesn’t fully comply with the demands, mutual recognition cannot be granted. Further, the applicant must document that the home country mutually recognizes Danish statutory auditors.

If the requirements are met, applicants from the EU /EEA as well as third countries will initially be granted permission to take an aptitude test.

At the aptitude test the scope is to assess whether the applicant has obtained a sufficient understanding of Danish legislation and practices to perform statutory audit under the same conditions as auditors with Danish professional qualifications. The aptitude test is an oral examination, basically in Danish, but where it is possible to take the test in English. A fee of approximately DKK 8.000 is charged when registering for the test.

Having passed the aptitude test, the applicant may apply for final recognition as “statsautoriseret revisor”. The recognition is granted if the demands for insurance, good repute and max public debt are met.

Please fulfill an application for approval to pass the aptitude test and upload necessary documents by following the link to the application: