Nordic Collaboration

The five Nordic countries – Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland – cooperate with one another to improve and coordinate matters of business and energy policy. The collaboration of the Nordic countries is divided into two pillars: the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The vision for Nordic collaboration is that the Nordic Countries comprise a leading region in the areas of innovation, green growth and welfare. Nordic business collaboration primarily takes place through the Nordic Collaboration Programme for Innovation and Business Policy 2011–13, focusing especially on:

  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Green Growth
  • Welfare

Nordic collaboration on entrepreneurship and innovation is especially aimed at green growth and welfare. Focus is also brought to bear on removing border obstacles and promoting trade and market development in the areas of green growth and welfare.

Nordic Council

The Nordic Council is a parliamentary body with 87 members designated from among the politicians of the five parliaments of the Nordic countries. The council members meet once a year. The Nordic Council discusses business policy issues and other matters and frequently adopts resolutions which are recommendations for the business policy of the Nordic governments.

Nordic Council of Ministers

The Nordic Council of Ministers is the framework for collaboration involving the Nordic countries’ governments, i.e. the governments’ departmental ministers with associated administrative systems. The secretariat of the Council of Ministers is located in Copenhagen. The council’s work is divided into a number of sectors (task areas) and departmental minister councils (ministerial remits). The Ministry of Business' remit is covered by the Nordic Council of Ministers for Business, Energy and Regional Policy. Each sector has a committee of senior officials and the Danish Business Authority sits on in the Committee of Senior Officials for Business Policy.

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Nordic High Growth Entrepreneurship: Call for Proposals and Matchmaking Event

Nordic Innovation, in cooperation with national partners, has launched a Call for Proposals for new or improved Nordic services – strengthening the capabilities of Nordic growth entrepreneurs and improving their access to resources and markets outside their home country.

The target groups are new and practically oriented Nordic/Nordic-international collaborations between players of the growth entrepreneurship ecosystems, such as serial entrepreneurs, early-stage investors, business angel syndicates, professional VCs and management companies, corporate VCs, business development companies, accelerators, incubators, industry organizations, international bridge service and export organizations, TTOs and others that provide growth enhancing resources to Nordic entrepreneurs.

The deadline for expression of interest is on 10 September 2013.

To receive funding three or more Nordic countries shall be represented in the project. Therefore, to help you connect with potential Nordic partners, Nordic Innovation is inviting you to a Matchmaking Event in Copenhagen on 20 August (exact time and place to be confirmed). The event will catalyze interactions between various players from entrepreneurship ecosystems in the Nordic region looking to join forces in Nordic projects.

For more information about the Call for Proposals and the Matchmaking Event, please visit: