Public-sector actions targeting entrepreneurs

The Danish Business Authority develops initiatives aimed at strengthening Denmark’s business promotion system. The goal is to make it easier for entrepreneurs and SMEs to obtain qualified assistance for start-up and growth.

  • Updated 19. October 2023

A comprehensive business promotion system must ensure that everyone who needs assistance also receives help to set up his/her own enterprise and generate growth. The Danish system is based on a partnership concept and involves players from both the public and private sectors.

Purpose of public-sector actions targeting entrepreneurs

  • to provide a general view of and continuity in the system’s many provisions available to entrepreneurs and SMEs
  • to provide assistance assistance to map out requirements as to know-how and guidance in relation to start and run a successful business
  • to offer free, impartial guidance and referral when relevant to further, specialized private- or public sector service providers
  • to guide entrepreneurs as to access to finance for operating a successful enterprise

Business-oriented portal

With the aim of boosting continuity and providing easy and round the clock access to the business promotion system, the Danish Business Authority has established the website ''Virksomhedsguiden" aimed at new entrepreneurs and established business owners. The website provides useful knowledge, an overview of further guidance options and of events, programes and other public-sector services addressing entrepreneurs.


A guide to business start-up, operation and development.

Danish Business Hubs ("erhvervshuse")

The Danish Business Hubs are established as independent, joint municipal bodies under the oversight of the Minister of Business, Industry and Financial affairs. The hubs compile specialized professional competencies on how to start and run a successful business. They offer their services to all Danish companies requiring specialized guidance.

The hubs collaborate and refer companies to private and public-sector service providers who may help with the execution of the business plan.