Role of the authority

At the Danish Business Authority, we are continuously working to develop Denmark’s entrepreneurship policy.

  • Updated 27. September 2023

A country’s entrepreneurship activities depend on a number of factors affecting the possibilities of starting an enterprise. These include public regulations, a strong entrepreneurship culture and access to capital.

In Denmark, we must be able to offer good framework conditions for entrepreneurship and growth, as these are the prerequisites for our ability in the future to create new enterprises capable of contributing new solutions, challenging existing enterprises and creating jobs. This applies to areas where Danish enterprises are already succeeding internationally and areas with development and market potential.

The Danish Business Authority is involved with entrepreneurship in areas such as:

  • Preparing analyses
  • Managing initiatives such as Danish Business Hubs (“Erhvervshus in Danish”), Proof-of-Business and Early Warning
  • Developing new initiatives to promote entrepreneurship and growth in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Strengthening Danish entrepreneurship through international forums such as Nordic cooperation and the EU