Start-up Denmark

Start-up Denmark is an initiative by the Danish Government which provides a gateway for talented foreign entrepreneurs to take advantage of Denmark’s vast startup opportunities and strong entrepreneurship ecosystem. The goal is to grow high-impact startups in Denmark.

  • Updated 9. October 2023

Led by the Danish Ministry of Business and the Ministry of Employment, Start-up Denmark is a government-wide initiative, combining the fields of business growth with labour recruitment.


The presence of foreign entrepreneurs in Denmark creates economic growth, employment, and global startup network connections. Talented entrepreneurs reinvent industries, create jobs, and increase the competitiveness of Denmark, already one of the more agile economies in Europe.


If accepted in Start-up Denmark, the founder will get a 2-year resident and work permanent with an additional 3-year extension if the business is on track. In order to be accepted, a business plan should be uploaded which will be reviewed by a panel of expects.


Start-up Denmark only accepts applications from non-EU (European Union) and EEA (European Economic Area) residents. The business must have high growth potential as well as global market scope. The program is for early-stage businesses and can accept up to 3 founders. Business such as restaurants, retail shops, small businesses, and import/export enterprise will not be considered for this program.