Survey Participation

We encourage you to carefully read our privacy policy before answering questionnaires and delivering survey responses to our website.

    Updated on 8 April, 2019

      Purpose of collecting and processing personal data

      The purpose of collecting and processing your personal data is to improve our website functionality and to gain more knowledge of our users, their needs and their user experience on our website.

      The legal grounds for the collection and use of your personal data stem from the General Data Protection Regulation as specified in Article 6, paragraph 1, item a.

      Categories of personal data

      We only collect and process personal data provided to us when completing your questionnaire and delivering your survey responses. Personal data include data such as age, gender, education and information about your use of our website and your quality estimation.

      Who has access to your data?

      The Danish Business Authority makes use of data processors who have access to the extent that is necessary for them to provide their services.

      How long will we keep personal data?

      At this point we cannot determine the appropriate retention period for your personal data. However, we kindly draw your attention to the fact that we work with a set of criteria such as actuality and relevance when deciding on how long to retain your data.

      The right to withdraw consent

      You have the right to withdraw your consent at any given time.

      The withdrawal of your consent does not affect the legality of the processing of your personal data based on your previously submitted consent up to the time that your consent is withdrawn. This is to clarify that the withdrawal of your consent will take effect from that time.