Backdrop to the JSF programme

Denmark and seven other countries participate in the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) programme for the development of a new fighter aircraft, the F-35.

Within the framework of the JSF programme, an agreement was entered into in 2007 to make it possible for the manufacturing industry in the participating countries to participate in the development and manufacture of the F-35 on terms concerning price, quality and delivery. This is also known as the ‘best-value’ principle in the JSF programme. It is not possible for the participating countries to bind a supplier to industrial cooperation.

The decision to grant an exemption to the regulations on industrial cooperation was taken in 2007 on the basis of the wishes of Danish industry, and it was an unalterable demand for allowing Denmark – as well as the other partner countries – to participate in the JSF partnership’s manufacturing phase. Denmark stipulated that this exemption was contingent on Denmark continuously receiving