Business Forum for Better Regulation

Business Forum for Better Regulation was established in 2012 in order to ensure a renewal of business regulation in close dialogue with the business community.

  • Updated 28. September 2023

The Business Forum has the task of identifying those areas that businesses perceive as the most burdensome and propose simplification measures. Simplification measures can mean changed rules, new processes or less time spent on case work by public authorities. The most essential is that efforts are made in the areas where businesses express a need for changes.

Business Forum for Better Regulation has members representing both business and workers organisations, concrete businesses and experts with knowledge of simplification.

The proposals made by the Business Forum are covered by a “comply or explain” principle. This principle means that the government is obliged to either pursue the proposed initiatives or to explain why these are not pursued.

There will be set concrete simplification targets in the areas identified by the Business Forum and the government regularly takes stock of the efforts. The status of the initiatives can be followed on the homepage for the Business Forum:

As secretariat for the Business Forum, Team Better Regulation prepares and follows up on the forum’s meetings. Furthermore, it has the responsibility to manage the communication between the Business Forum and the public authorities.