Establishing and updating accounts

This page is being updated in relation to new regulations. Please refer to the executive order regarding the Emission Trading Registry. As a general rule, it is possible for any person or company to establish an account in the EU ETS Registry or the Danish Emission Trading Registry. A number of terms and documentation requirements must be complied with, however, and an annual fee is also payable for each account.

The terms and conditions for establishing accounts, including documentation requirements and the establishment fee, are specified in the Executive Order on the EU ETS Registry and the Danish Emission Trading Registry. The executive order also stipulates provisions for account holders in the registries, including minimum security requirements and provisions concerning the payment of an annual service charge for the account. The provisions are based on the EU ETS Regulation 389/2013/EU.

Obligation to notify changes to account information

Please note that account holders must notify the Danish Business Authority within ten working days of any changes to the information received by the Danish Business Authority relating to the establishment or subsequent updating of an account. This does not apply to changes in corporate information notified to the Danish Business Authority as part of updating the company’s information in the Central Business Register (CVR), e.g. a company’s address or provisions regulating the power to bind the company.

Notification of adding an account representative

Holding accounts and trading accounts require at least two account representatives (AR). Verifier accounts require at least one.

There are two types of roles to choose from:

Account Representative

This role can initiate transactions, or can approve transactions, if no AAR (additional account representative) has been appointed.

Additional Account Representative

This role may only approve transactions that have been initiated by an AR. In case an AAR is appointed to an account, all transactions require approval by the AAR. It is not possible to appoint an AAR to a verifier account.

Trading accounts with an AAR can transfer allowances to accounts on the trusted account list without delay.

Please contact os for an application form if you want to add an AR or AAR to your account.

Notification of the establishment or updating of an account

Notification of the establishment of an account can be submitted electronically to 

This does not apply to the establishment of an operator holding account or aircraft-operator holding account, however, as the Danish Business Authority will automatically contact the company after being notified by the Danish Energy Agency that the company must open such an account.


Phone: +45 72 20 00 38

Processing time

Pursuant to the EU ETS Registry Regulation, the Danish Business Authority must establish accounts or reject an application for an account no less than twenty working days (forty working days for aircraft operator holding accounts) after receiving complete information and documentation, including the receipt of a criminal records check from the Danish National Police. If additional time is required to assess a representative, the Danish Business Authority may extend the assessment process by up to twenty working days and notify the applicant to this effect.

For the updating of account information and documents, the Danish Business Authority must approve the update of the information or reject the update of the information no later than fifteen working days after receiving the notification from the account holder and receiving complete information and documentation, including the receipt of a criminal records check from the Danish National Police if needed.

Terms and conditions

When using the EU's ETS Registry and The Danish Kyoto Registry, an account representative must take all necessary measures to prevent data from being lost, stolen or compromised.

An account representative must immediately inform the Danish Business Authority if data is lost, stolen or compromised.

The Danish Business Authority is also not liable for any situation resulting from the account holder's or their account representatives' lack of compliance with secure data processing and use of the internet in accordance with best practices.