Foreign obligors

The Danish Business Authority continuously updates an overview of unfulfilled industrial co-operation obligations of foreign suppliers.

The overview also shows the extent of the unfulfilled obligation covered by development projects that have been pre-approved by the Danish Business Authority.

Finally, contact information is provided to enable Danish companies and their organisations to contact the suppliers to explore possible collaboration, etc.

The foreign supplier’s industrial co-operation obligation is stipulated in an ICC entered into between the supplier and the Danish Business Authority. The contract stipulates conditions such as obligation amount, deadlines and strategic technology areas of fulfilment. The detailed terms and conditions are determined on the basis of a specific assessment and depend on the scope of the obligation and the time of delivery to the Danish Armed Forces.

The amounts in the overview are rounded aggregate sums converted into Danish kroner.

In some instances, the unfulfilled obligation is specified as “0”. This is because DALO has yet to place orders via the framework contract on which the industrial co-operation obligation is based. The unfulfilled obligation will increase as DALO procures via the framework contract.

Overview of foreign suppliers’ unfulfilled industrial co-operation obligations