Purpose and participants

As part of the political agreement on the acquisition of the F-35, it was agreed to make a special effort for Danish companies’ options in the JSF programme.  Therefore, in March 2017, the Danish Government set up an industrial partnership for defence-related exports to the USA.

The partnership should focus on and strengthen efforts vis-à-vis Denmark’s US partners relating to the acquisition of new fighter aircraft for the Danish Armed Forces.

The partnership aims to strengthen Danish companies’ possibilities of competing for tasks relating to the manufacture, maintenance, etc., of the F-35 and to pave the way for other high-tech or defence-related exports to the USA. For this purpose, existing expertise and know-how is focused and coordinated in the areas of industrial promotion, export promotion, industrial cooperation, defence equipment and the JSF cooperation, and new targeted actions are being launched.

The partnership is made up of Denmark’s Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs (chairmanship), Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Confederation of Danish Industry and Center for Defence, Space and Security. A steering committee at Permanent-Secretary level is responsible for the strategic management of the partnership, and a task force at Permanent-Undersecretary level is responsible for progress and implementation and for ensuring the ongoing coordination and exchange of information relating to the implementation of initiatives. The Danish Business Authority is responsible for planning and chairing these meetings.

The Industrial Partnership’s task force is made up of the following members: